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Soundcloud Randomtube - Shuffle ALL MUSIC Created By Jatygu




SPECIAL OFFER - DIRECT FROM THE ARTIST: Hello, I invite you to use my songs and playlists - royalty-free - in your business, venue or projects of your choice. I think you, your friends, customers, clients etc. will enjoy my unique and original instrumental guitar compositions. Many yoga groups around the world already use my playlists in their classes - I love that!

I use a service called Randomtube to shuffle my music online. If you take me up on my offer, please send me an email at some point and let me know what you (and your customers) think of my music! There is no charge for any of this. I do have numerous albums on multiple platforms which are available for purchase.

If you enjoy my songs, please share and recommend my music to your network. Also, I am on many of the popular social sites and it's pretty easy to connect with me.



 ~ Artwork by Kevin G.