Joy To Give

I love playing the guitar. I find it so satisfying and enjoyable to experiment with various types of guitars, tunings and playing styles. One of my favorite parts of life is sitting in front of my fireplace while creating music on an acoustic guitar. I have family and relationships; I have bills and responsibilities; I have a variety of hobbies and interests. However, I feel that my identity as a musician brings me the greatest joy in life. I have composed hundreds of instrumental acoustic guitar solo pieces over 25 years and almost all of them are offered freely through here. My attitude and approach to my music is simply that: I appreciate the opportunity to create music. It is quite thrilling and meaningful to me to be able to shuffle my songs so conveniently on the Internet for people everywhere to enjoy. I love that instrumental music is Universal. I am especially thankful that my material is accessible to people in every country, regardless of their language...A woman in Australia uses my playlist in her yoga class. A guy in Canada plays my tunes at his restaurant. The possibilities are infinite...The 'goal' has already been achieved in the sense that I've always experienced fun and joy in the composing, recording and listening to my own library of music. If other people like to listen to Nice Guitar Music too, that's pretty cool!

Jatygu - 2020






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